On the seventh day of floating around infinite nothingness, after six days of rest,
the FSM said, 'Let there be a Universe, or something!'
And there was a Universe, or something, not terribly far off.

Scrypt Algorithm
Server (P2P) Port 40021
RPC (Mining) Port 40022
13.798 billion total coins
1 minute block target
Difficulty changes every 60 blocks
Subsidy halves at 525600 blocks

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Most wallet programs quietly sit there on owner's machines updating themselves but do not actually provide anything back to the network.
This is due to firewall programs (such as windows firewall) and wifi or internet modem routers getting in the way.
Please help grow a working Noodlyappendagecoin network by doing the following to become a full node:
(If anyone has suggestions to improve these instructions, or add your own full-node address, please let us know!)

NDL Donations: NdudeG5jCWM5hsfEU3JsivDdK58mpzBTR7

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Our pasta 
Who art in the colander 
Hallowed be thy sauce 
Thy serving come 
Thy strands be wrung 
On forks as they are on spoons 
Give us this day our daily meatball 
And forgive us our starchiness 
As we forgive those who are starchy against us 
And lead us not into Kraft parmesan 
But deliver us from Chef Boyardee 
For thine is the garlic 
And the onion and the bay leaves 
For ever and ever. 

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